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                The School of International Communication and Exchange, as an important window for Shanghai University of Political Science and Law to cooperate and exchange with foreign countries, is not only  responsible for the enrollment, management and other services for international students, but also undertakes the task of teachingresearch on Chinese as a foreign language. It functions both as a school in teachingscientific research and daily management. The International Students Affairs Office consists of Teaching Affairs Office, Admission Office and International Students Management Section.

                   SHUPL began to enroll and cultivate international students from 2013. Over the years, we have been adhering to the idea of internationalized schooling. Taking the construction of China National Institute for Shanghai Cooperation Organization International Exchange and Judicial Cooperation  as an opportunity, we continuously improve the training level and actively promote foreign students education. In 2014, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law became a China Scholarship Council(CSC) university for foreign students; In 2015, it was awarded to be the Shanghai Advanced Unit for International Students Affairs. Up to now, the number of international students at our school is over 500, and the source countries have covered more than 70 countries.